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Freehand: New Typography Sketchbooks


New book from Steven HellerI always enjoy seeing the latest books from Steven Heller!  This time he has teamed up with Lita Talarico to bring you a killer compendium of typographic ideas. One of the themes of this collection is the changing and evolving reading habits of today’s over-saturated society. I think you’re gonna like this one — here, follow along for a sneak peek and more detail!

Freehand: New Typography Sketchbooks
just one of the cool spreads found in Freehand: New Typography Sketchbooks

In true Heller style, we’re treated to the personal sketchbooks of the most influential and inventive illustrators and typographers working today!

This show- all tour through leading graphic designers’ personal sketchbooks reveals the creative processes behind typefaces, word- images, and logos. Arranged alphabetically, the world’s most exciting designers and typographers― including Philippe Apeloig, Ed Benguiat, Hoefler Type Foundry, Henrik Kubel, Toshi Omagari, and Francesco Zorzi― present a staggering range of ways to communicate with typography. More than 800 featured sketchbook pages reveal the designers’ creative practices across diverse briefs, concepts, languages, and alphabets.

IF you love typography, and want to expand your knowledge and idea swipe files, this one will be a welcome addition.  All designers should pick this one up!

Freehand: New Typography Sketchbooks
by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

… and thanks for reading . . .

Fred Showker

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It’s a visual treat, and inspiration for all graphic designers, illustrators, web designers and anyone who loves typography, fonts, and lettering



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