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What makes ethernet better than WiFi?


ethernet vs WiFi

Obviously, WiFi is great. It’s changed our lives, allowing for an unprecedented degree of flexibility with internet-enabled devices. Home WiFi is even good enough in large portions of the United States that people justifiably feel comfortable using it for everything, such as work, gaming, and streaming.


Web & Graphic Design student work review


design student review

The College of New Caledonia is showcasing their graphic design and web design students in a handsome website — go see what kind of talent they’re growing in Caldonia!

These students put together a “Portfolio Showcase” writing. . .

Our journey to create this showcase began in early January. During this time of planning and strategizing how to bring about a great year-end event, we became closer as a class and got to know one another better. Through the brainstorming process we were able to learn from and be inspired by one another.

Go see : CNC Web & Graphic Design


The World Remembers John Prine


John Prine

As a musician who has played John Prine songs since the late 1960s you can imagine the sorrow of losing this life influencer!  From “Dear Abby” to “Common Sense” to “When I Get to Heaven,” John was truly an anchor for the soundtrack of so many lives!  Come together to celebrate his life . . .


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