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short story contestInternational Short Story Contest is open now, and the deadline for submission of entries is February 10th 2018. Enter your stories in one of three catagories sub-junior, junior and senior. All school children around the world can enter the contest, and entry is free. (more…)

You can’t get the content without the junk


60 Second WindowsI was thrilled when I discovered FireFox’s “reader” icon and how it bravely strips all the ads and junk from web pages and presents just the content.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect — but it’s the best one yet.  I wonder why Chrome and Safari want to make it difficult for you to access that content without the junk? (more…)

DYI Clocks with typography


Mariana typography clockI stumbled across a listing for a wall clock called “TYPOGRAPHY” designed and marketed by Mariana Lisina. Looks nice! I started thinking about all the really cool stuff you might do with type and a clock. Remember that for hundreds of years, people have been oriented to analog clocks not necessarily to see what time it is, but how much time has passed, or how much time yet to go. (more…)

The Anatomy of a Clickbait Predator Spam site, and what to avoid


Do not click on suspect sitesFLAMED : After getting flamed on Facebook, called a racist and told I did not know what a ‘click bait’ site is, I had to go look and see if the rules had changed, or if there was some other measurement for click-bait that I did not know about. The purpose of click bait is to get people to open the page, and thereby trip all the revenue links on the page to earn money for the author. Let’s see how that works! (more…)

Why you need antivirus for Mac OS computers


Fred Showker  I got an email the other day from a fellow who found a suspect link on one of my pages.  Oh my!  But he had wandered onto a page I posted in 2009 about anti-virus software for the Mac.   So, he suggests I replace the link with his link — a crafty way to get his link into my site!  I think all Mac owners probably should take a look . . . (more…)

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