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You can’t get the content without the junk


60 Second WindowsI was thrilled when I discovered FireFox’s “reader” icon and how it bravely strips all the ads and junk from web pages and presents just the content.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect — but it’s the best one yet.  I wonder why Chrome and Safari want to make it difficult for you to access that content without the junk?

When you come to a particularly rude, spam-ridden, stalker site, quickly click the reader icon and you are presented with just the content.  It’s the way a browser should work.

Firefox's reader iconI went to Quora and asked the simple question of how to accomplish the reader function in other browsers.  Either nobody knows, nobody cares or nobody wants to provide answers.   I did get one fellow who walked me through setting up the reader in Chrome, but soon lost me in geek speak with so many steps and options.  Google doesn’t want you to get the content without all the intrusive ads and junk.  That’s why I don’t use Google Chrome.

If you don’t use Firefox, maybe you should give it a try.  They’re interested in purveying content.  They’re interested in doing good on the web.

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