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Why you need antivirus for Mac OS computers


Fred Showker  I got an email the other day from a fellow who found a suspect link on one of my pages.  Oh my!  But he had wandered onto a page I posted in 2009 about anti-virus software for the Mac.   So, he suggests I replace the link with his link — a crafty way to get his link into my site!  I think all Mac owners probably should take a look . . .

In reality, Mac OSX is the 4th most vulnerable operating system, according to data from the CVE Vulnerabilties list. In truth, Mac OSX has more vulnerabilities than competing Windows operating systems, including older Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8, and even Windows Vista.

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PS: Quite often I get email from someone finding a bad link on the site.   I’m truly thankful for those emails because it is humanly impossible to keep up with all the links that go dead.

In the old days of the WEB, the #3 cardinal rule of web design was : Never let a link go dead!  But today, web owners and designers have no remorse making links go dead.  They change the addresses, or switch pages like they change their pants, without regards for how many times the page was bookmarked, or how many search engines have that specific page indexed.   I’ve tried to keep all mine in tact, but with more than 37,000 items in the Design Center, we cannot police all those pages, spanning nearly 30 years.




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