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Catching the bad guys exploiting the pandemic


covid-19 Scams

The cyber crime industry always looks for a disaster or cause to exploit for their own profit.  The pandemic of COVID-19, coronavirus has represented the perfect opportunity to defraud people out of their money! Thanks to SpamCop agents all around the world like Safenetting.com,  scams are being reported to the National Cyber Security Centre on a daily basis.

National Cyber Security Centre takes down 2,000 COVID-19 online scams

In the last two months, the cyber-specialised agency – which is part of the intelligence organisation GCHQ – has taken down 471 coronavirus-related fraudulent online stores, 555 sites spreading malware and 200 more dedicated to phishing, and 832 frauds in which an initial payment is sought on the promise of the return of a large sum of money.

Civil Service World has the whole story

Be careful, and DO NOT CLICK!

Fred Showker

Here are just two of the alerts we generated for Facebook, Safenetting, and Twitter

Safenetting ALERT


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