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Data Privacy Issues Surrounding The Pandemic


There’s been a lot of buzz lately about utilizing people’s location data on their smartphones to notify them when they’ve come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Contact tracers is also becoming a hot topic.

According to Dr. Adriana Sanford, a senior fellow with the Center of Intelligence and National Security at the University of Oklahoma…

  • If a person spends a few seconds in close range to another iPhone, it will record that,  “Later on, if there’s somebody that you were next to that tested positive, there is a way for them to reach out to everyone else including you, to say, ‘Hey, this person tested positive. You may want to isolate yourself or you may want to get checked, you may want to notify others.”
How Much Weight Do Privacy Laws Carry During Coronavirus?

This should be of importance to all of us!

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