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A History of Motivational Posters


Sylvester Jalnaiz from Canva wrote in and asked me to replace one of my pages links with his. Sort of rude, but he’s an outreach officer for a site that has exploited the amateur graphic design market. But then when attempting to get access to the site, it asked me to sign in using GOOGLE. OH NO!!! Big RED flag! Never, ever sign in to a web site using any other web site ID/Password! Bad, bad karma!

Take a trip into the history of Posters

So, anyway, the link Sylvester sent was all about motivational posters, one of my favorite all-time graphic arts.

Sylvester writes :
QUOTINGWhile motivational quotes have become a defining characteristic for millennials, in truth, motivational posters were invented as early as the 1920s. In this article, we look at the history of motivational posters and how you can create your own.END QUOTE

While you might think the “meme” in social media has set off a wave of motivational posters, the meme was actually inspired by these motivational posters that have been around for over a century!

So, Sylvester sent me this : History of Motivational Posters Infographic

If you’re into Motivational Posters and want to see what’s at the Canva site, get a huge sampling via a Google Image Search or just a generalized Motivational Posters search!

Here’s Sylvester’s article at Canva

… and thanks for reading!

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