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When Amazon bans a book, don’t ask what’s wrong with the book, ask what’s wrong with Amazon


Amazon bans a bookWhy is it that everyone seems to think that Amazon has the last say on everything? In a world where everything is based on profit, don’t ask what’s wrong with the product, ask what’s wrong with Amazon.

Amazon has blocked and dropped “When Harry Became Sally” by Ryan Anderson, which was once a top seller on Amazon, but still offers “Let Harry Become Sally” which goes against Ryan Anderson’s book. Proof there’s always one in every crowd!

The good news is, readers who want to read don’t have to make Jeff Bezos any richer… the book is available from Barns & NobleEncounter Books and BookShop.org. Don’t let big tech and big media tell you what you think.  Just because they tell you it’s bad, doesn’t mean it is.

. . . and thanks for reading!

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What is wrong with Amazon


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