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The Anatomy of a Clickbait Predator Spam site, and what to avoid

If you cannot separate truth from rubbish, then it’s all rubbish!

You see a perfectly good news story. It’s presented at what seems like would be an honest web site. But is it? Do you feel lucky?

More and more web sites are employing stalker and predator links because it brings them revenue without considering how it damages their readers!

After getting flamed on Facebook, called a racist and told I did not know what a ‘click bait’ site is, I had to go look and see if the rules had changed, or if there was some other measurement for click-bait that I did not know about. The purpose of click bait is to get people to open the page, and thereby trip all the revenue links on the page to earn money for the author. Most everyone online thinks this is perfectly okay. Some might even say if you follow Fred’s formula, then they’re ALL predator sites. Welcome to the new millenia and Crimazon.com

It’s fairly easy to compute if a web page is a spam page, a stalker or predator, or all three.

  1. Does it add cookies that report to a 3rd party web site?

If two or more of the above occur, then it’s probably at least a clickbait site, and most likely a spam / stalker site. If other stuff is there, like executable scripts or third party iframes then you’re probably in trouble.

I’ve presented a complete anatomy and how to calculate your own web excursions to weed out sites you want to avoid, and sites you want to use.

Let’s see how that works!

See : http://www.graphic-design.com/60-seconds/339_click_bait.html

We recommend using Firefox as your browser. On a cell phone we recommend Firefox Focus. Do not use Chrome.

Using Firefox, here’s how to at least help avoiding some of the predators on the web . . .

Upon arrival, look for the READER icon in the address line… if it appears, click it quickly!

Unfortunately, merely arriving at the page opens your system to cookies and stalkers. Some of the predators and stalkers on the page may not load in the beginning, so by clicking the Reader icon the moment it appears, you may avoid some of the evil stuff. But to avoid it all, avoid that web site.

More at : www.60-Seconds.com/

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