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January 6 Committee caught doctoring evidence


Adam Schiff gives false testamony I’ve been trying to keep politics out of 60-Seconds because I think I’ve chased off most of my readers, but this is just too terrible for me to ignore . . .

It was curious that the creator of the “#2 Lie of the Decade” in the 2010 to 2020, Adam Schiff, has falsified testamoney again in the special January 6 Commission.  They apologized, but he’s getting off scott free.

He should have been run out of town on a rail after the 20,000th time Adam Schiff lied about Russian Collusion!  Now he’s back and has modified text documents about January 6 to support his Biden-anon conspiracy theory.

The Jan. 6 committee spokesman did not explain how one could “inadvertently” cut a sentence in half and eliminate the final two paragraphs of a detailed legal summary, nor did he explain why Schiff attributed the content of the text to Jordan, “a lawmaker,” rather than to Schmitz, the attorney who wrote it.

I just don’t think that should be allowed.  He should be punished.  A spokesman for the January 6 Committee, which is committing atrocities. to American citizens,  admitted.

“The Select Committee is responsible for and regrets the error.”

They’re calling it an error.  Except that too is a lie.  It’s obviously an intentional attempt to change the evidence to be damming to those who are still held in jail without being charged, and without seeing legal consultation.

It’s a travesty — I’m not making this up, here, you can go and fact-check it yourself!

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Adam Schiff doctors evidence and gives false testimony again



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