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The Art of Saying What Can’t Be Said

Myrna Keliher
from Dahr Jamail on the Truthout blog

I love reading about artists like Myrna Keliher — artists who care about the craft, and challenge themselves with the monumental task of visualizing words and messages through typography.

Amplifying damn fine words with exacting typography

I’m quoting Dahr Jamail from his article about Myrna, her art and her craft:

Living in a time when most people don’t have enough time, artist and printer Myrna Keliher has found a way to slow, stretch and even stop time.

Jamail continues : In her own words, Keliher describes her work as “Amplifying damn fine words with exacting typography” by using “handset type, antique presses, and a Macbook to make prints and poetry books. From abstract art to literary broadsides to personal propaganda, we work to deepen regard for language and to increase access to poetry.”

I think everyone on my reader’s list can enjoy and benefit from this article:

Where Printed Words Transcend Time and Communicate What Can’t Be By Dahr Jamail on the Truthout blog



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