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Google phishing? So, what else is new


People aren’t paying attention or they just have very short memories. Spamcop, Knujon, and UGNN’s Safenetting have been reporting Google’s involvement in phishing and cyber crime for at least a half-decade. So now they own up to it? Maybe.

I was hit in the face this morning by Greg Leffler, who is a Senior Editor for Software Engineering and Technology at LinkedIn. His article : “The Google Phishing Attack, Explained” immediately grabbed me, so I logged in. I immediately started laughing.

Google recently made an unprecedented move by widely announcing a Gmail phishing scheme through Twitter. Learn more in our video below, and check out Google’s tweet.

While Google ignores reporting from outside, it encourages reporting within Gmail

After all the years Safe Netting has been reporting on Google sending, storing and referring people to spam, malware, zombies, ransomeware and several hundred thousand illegal drug dealers ! For a dozen years Google has refused spam reports and now, perhaps one got through.

BRAVO and hallelujah!

Now it will be interesting to see if they actually do anything about it. As of today, they haven’t . . .

This one was a malware attack from a Brazilian cyber crime cartel that has been reported a dozen times with no results. They always like to use Googledocs and Googledrive because they know (up until now, I guess) the Google abuse people (if there actually are any ‘people’ there) refuse to accept cyber crime reports.

And if you don’t believe me, just do a little Google search for : “Google” at http://www.UGNN.com.

… and thanks for reading

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