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I’m fortunate to have been associated with artists all throughout my life. From watching my children and their artistic endeavors, to seeing them take art and creative talents into their adult lives. There are some extraordinary talents in high schools these days! Take a peek.

Fort Defiance

One of my best friends’ daughter went through school excelling in art. She went on to study in an arts curriculum in college and graduated with a teaching degree in the visual arts! So it’s wonderful to again see the next generation, and their children, the next.

This sample above is using type, lettering or typography to produce portraits … a really fun project, with some amazing results.

Jessica (Mrs. Herr) today teaches art at Virginia’s Fort Defiance High School. During the pandemic she’s left with the loss of nearly half a school year for her students — but unshaken, she and fellow teacher changed the game a bit.

Spring Semester Virtual Art Show

Now have a great time visiting some of her student’s work, in this innovative art show loaded into Google Docs.

Have fun

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