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Fake News story misses Trump’s hair color


Having been involved with color in some form or another for some 40 years, news items with “color” involved always grab my attention. This is one of the more fun “Fake News” stories I’ve seen, and it had a lot of people fooled.

The author Allan Ishac writes :

Crayola To Retire “Dandelion” Colored Crayon After Pressure From White House

and then:

Popular yellow-orange shade booted from 24-box after complaints kids were drawing too many offensive Trump pictures with it

I couldn’t believe it when it showed up in the “popular on Medium” listing — so I had to go take a look!

Continues . . .

Just when you thought the Trump White House could not get any more petty or ludicrous, Crayola has pulled its hugely popular color from boxes of crayons after, what it called, “arm-twisting from the White House.”

LOL. But I just had to laugh when I immediately saw he got the wrong color. That color he used is not “Dandelion” and nor is the color used in the picture samples submitted by children. (Or, maybe the employees kid, or the author’s kid!) Dandelion is yellow. But then again, I’ve heard of serious law suits over product colors — not that Crayola would give a crap!

So it’s not necessarily about the content, but as they say : “the Devil is in the details!” (Or is it the ‘Donald’?)

See links below for the news about the retirement of Dandelion!

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