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The Death of Advertising


advertising all about the money

I’m chasing a story and getting lots of references for my research.  Washington Post, blocked unless I subscribe.  Wall Street Journal blocked unless I subscribe.  We’ve come to the point now that web advertising is not working.  I ran my web site for 30 years “ad free”.  Why spam your customers? Are we witnessing the death of online advertising?

Greed prevails.

Zander Nethercutt writes an important entry in his Medium Blog, @zandercutt, and just maybe there is hope. One thing we can be sure of, it’s going to get ugly before it gets better. Zander writes:

The presence of advertising in our daily lives is akin to that of water in the life of a fish. It’s everywhere, and yet often, we remain oblivious to it, at least consciously; blind to the brightly colored billboard on the highway, or the flashing neon lights outside of a roadside motel. Our conscious minds, however, were never the targets of traditional advertising. The most effective advertising campaigns of the last fifty years were the ones we eventually forgot were there

The Death of Advertising… and what will rise from its ashes.

Read’em and weep!

Fred Showker

Will Rogers quote about advertising

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