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Apple reached out and killed my iPhone


Apple reached out and killed my iPhone

This was no ordinary iPhone. This was my 5S. Why am I wondering what have we done to let these people take over our lives? Who are the brain police?

It begs an answer the question

“Why do they insist on improving a product by making is inferior to its predecessor?”

Back years ago when the iPhone 5S would was no longer much more than a phone and a music player, my upgrade took me to a 6S. The telephone girl at the Verizon store just popped out the SIM, and popped it into the new 6S. Then we downloaded Verizon’s Migration app, put the phones side by side and tapped the GO button. In an hour, the deed was done.  Pretty much the same story going from the 6S to the XS.

Moving forward, I just couldn’t bring myself to toss the 5S. I had been using it for bluetooth music on the boat, and that gave me the idea to turn it a Juke Box. So I removed apps and photos, and pumped it full of my favorite music CD collection. Boom! 3,000 songs, mixes and playlists … a remarkable Juke Box. Plugged into my BOSE L1 system it was like a live performance! Headphone jack to BOSE. BOOM! No need for data, no need for WiFi, no need for Bluetooth until time to pair with the boat … or pool speakers. Life was good.

Until yesterday.

I got up yesterday morning and picked up the 5S to find a song I had been humming all night, and BOOM. NOTHING. “HELLO” in a gray set-up screen.  But nothing worked.

It was devastating. Nothing would budge. Worse yet, it kept asking for WiFi, so I turned it on and it wouldn’t accept the password. Wait! There are probably a half dozen devices in this house now using that exact same WiFi and password. Wouldn’t accept???

In one of the screens it asked if I wanted to restore, and asked again for the WiFi password. It occurred to me that I had always backed this phone up to my MacBook Pro. So I went to the closet and dug out the MacBook that was used for that phone.

Held hostage by Apple.

I plugged the iPhone in — same scenario. No dice, until it gets Wifi. So I turned on the Wifi. Apple asked me to log in, so I logged in. BOOM. The phone came rushing back in. All the songs, all the — everything. All good, I even added new tunes and new CDs I had gotten since the last time I backed up.

Apple hadn’t killed the iPhone. Apple had just killed it to get my login.

But why? That’s the big question everyone should ask themselves. A perfectly functioning device without internet, without data, without WiFi or bluetooth — works fine, does everything you want it to do suddenly dies until you connect it back to Apple. Why? How did Apple even know I still had that iPhone? There’s no SIM in it. It’s been off the grid for several years. How? Why?

Even more disturbing — last night, I put the phone on Airplane mode, turn off the Wifi and Turn off the bluetooth and disconnect the DATA. How the hell was Apple in communication with that phone with no SIM, no data, no Wifi and no Bluetooth? You should try it. Apple will STILL manages to send and receive data to and from that damn phone. What’s that all about? Is that a violation of TSA Laws?

Sort’a makes you wonder who are the brain police?

. . . and thanks for reading!

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