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Are you okay with Google, Amazon or Apple in your bedroom?


What do you want to trade for listening in on you at home? A woman in Portlan found out the hard way.

You were outraged when you thought they were listening to your telephone conversations.

Now, you invite them into your home to listen in on all your bedroom conversations? Hello? What’s it worth to you to have HomePod or Siri or Google Assistant or Cortana listening in your home? Do you believe that they only “hear” certain keywords? Do you believe they don’t listen around the clock, all day, every day?

Amazon secretly recorded this woman was while having a conversation with her husband. The conversation had just the right keywords uttered that Alexa dutifully then compressed the conversation, selected a random contact from the woman’s address book, and texted the conversation to a contact in Seattle. The contact then called them to let them know she had gotten the voice message! How scary is that?

Time to unplug those smart speakers

They’re listening all the time. They may or may not hear the right “wake” keywords. They may or may not do what you want with the conversation. You definitely do not want Alexa or Google or Apple hearing everything.

Well, maybe you do. But I definitely don’t! YIKES!

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