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We’re leaving. The second secession, Nuevo California


The rabid Left seceding from the U.S.

Secession is the withdrawal of a group from a larger entity, especially a political entity Threats of secession can be a strategy for achieving more limited goals.  A secession attempt might be violent or peaceful, but the goal is the creation of a new state or entity independent from the group or territory it seceded from.  The South seceded from the Union which brought on the Civil War.  We all know that story. (more…)

He’s done, he’s done. There’s no question about that, he’s done!


I laughed so hard when I first saw this I thought I would wet myself!  But you know, it’s true — the media is way over the top when they slander Donald Trump!

Shortly after this video came out, I offered a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card for anyone who could accurately provide the number of times the media lied in this video — BOOM, the video was removed and the account blocked on YouTube!  Who removed it, or why, I do not know. Here it is again, on a mirror site.

Just remember, this was 2017.


Direct link:  https://youtu.be/xwW9RZCEydw   ----------------------

MEDIA CENSORING: anyone who doesn’t believe that the big sites are censoring conservative content consider this:

Shortly after I proposed a $1,000 Amazon gift certificate to the first person to give an accurate count of the number of times the media lied in this video! The video was removed from YouTube. The original link was:

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