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Which search engine is better, Ecosia or DuckDuckGo?


Someone recently asked me which search engine was better, Ecosia or DuckDuckGo?  So I wrote one of my “Teachable Moments” … this is a very difficult question to answer.

I’ve added Google into my answer because that’s the one to benchmark.  They’re all fairly good, and as you might expect, nobody is as good as Google. Of course, unless you’re one of the millions who really hate Google. Then the second choice would probably be DuckDuckGo.


Fixing things BLM broke, or feeding children. Which one?


After the Richmond Virginia debacle, I was so disturbed by these sub-humans destroying statues I decided to ask how much is this gonna cost. Then Richmond announced 1.8 million.

Looking up school lunch programs, and doing some basic math told me they could have fed 36,000 children three nutritious meals a day for two weeks on just what Black Lives Matter cost them.

Some people have complained that my figures are faulty. So here, do the math. Divide 1,800,000 by any of these numbers to find the number of children can be fed 3-meals for a week. It’s not rocket science.

The statues, or the children? Richmond decides.

And there’s a meme of note that even fits Twitter!

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Teachable Moment: when does a lie becomes the truth?


When does a lie become the truth? Just ask CNN, Nancy Pelosi, or Adam Schiff. They are professional liars. Lies told again and again eventually become the truth, not because it’s true, but because the public comes to believe it.

The main stream media has learned this lesson so well, they practice it almost every day.

Go Google “The Charlottesville Lie” as a perfect example. The alt-left politicians and the main stream media slightly twisted something Donald Trump said about Charlottesville, and repeated it a million times. Of course what they were saying was an outright lie. Period. Plain false statement. But guess what … the public, and maybe even you, believed it. One media chants the lie, and all the others fall into line and swear by it.

Teachable Moment : The more times you hear a claim repeated in the media, the more reasons you have to question it.


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