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Seduced by Clickbait? Want to click?


So, you’ve seen those clickbait ads at the end of the articles online — just about every news site online is using them now to raise revenue. Don’t you yearn to click on some of those images? They try their best to make you think they’re news items, but secretly you know it’s all spam? Have you ever clicked? You really want to see those pictures, don’t you? You really yearn to see if they’re real.

Here’s a trick that might let you look all you want without actually clicking the spam link.

Folks, I’m sure you’ve learned that if you click on any of those type come-ons, you’ll be tagged and stalked. Certain subjects get you on lists you really shouldn’t be on. Some will put you in harm’s way. Many of the sites redirect to malware infected sites, or cause loops just to get revenue.

If you just cannot stand to ignore the juicy lead, then here’s the technique that will keep you off the spam and stalker sites, and give you many more images.

This one has been going around, it’s called “Amazing Naughty Sand Art Sculptures” — there are clickbait pages and even a YouTube video. But ignore all those.

Take the premise or title of the subject and paste it into a Google Advanced Image search.

So, paste “Amazing Naughty Sand Art Sculptures” into Google, and here’s what you get. Don’t forget to delete Pinterest by putting minus Pinterest in the search queue, since Pinterest really poisons Google searches. If you’re a Pinterest user, and you want to see the same stuff on Pinterest, then just log in before starting this exercise.

Easy, eh?

Have fun, and . . . thanks for reading. Good day!

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