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Pinterest doesn’t know the difference between Willie Nelson and taco pizza!


I was posting some items to Pinterest when I began to notice a strange trend. Either Pinterest’s logarithm is broken, or they’re intentionally swaying image relation results. Case in point: Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard are related to cakes and coloring books? Really ?

Go to this link and comment on what they give YOU as related pins!

Pinterest seems to favor cooking and home decorating. Every search, every post, every reference will turn up these types of references. Go ahead and look around in Pinterest. See if the suggested images match or at least relate to what you were looking for.

I have written Pinterest to ask why they don’t have a button that lets you select whether or not the item actually does relate to the subject. Like Google, Pinterest could be building their reliability using their own subscribers in a crowdsourced opportunity to down-vote entries.

The whole world’s going to pot . . . … and thanks for reading

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