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Brilliant fund raising ploy? Maybe, maybe not


hillary Clinton

I’ve written a lot about fund raising and marketing for a cause. Just search the Design Center for “Marketing Update” . . . but this beats them all!

Since the impeachment craziness, then the pandemic, and all coupled with the prospect of an election in November, can the world get any crazier?  Well, I didn’t think so until I heard somebody is paying one-hundred-grand for an online chat with Hillary!

Sometimes we can’t believe our eyes

As you know I am a Medium user and keep my eye on topics of current trends on that network. When I saw this, I could not believe what I was learning.

The author of a blog post wrote

The latest Joe Biden fundraising efforts are leaving me more convinced than ever that the democratic party is beyond all hope. Tickets for ‘Virtual Conversation with Hillary Rodham Clinton and DNC Chair Tom Perez’ are selling for as high as $100,000 dollars.

What?  What?

Hillary Clinton’s $100,000 Zoom Call Tickets Represent Everything Wrong With the Democratic Party.

Now, you’ve seen everything! Try that for your next advertising and marketing campaign!

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