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It’s not about racism or gender, it’s about money! 


marketing geniusAunt Jemima, Mr. Potato Head, Land of Lakes, Nike, Dr. Seuss all have one thing in common : the cancel culture is their gravy train!

How to get a million dollars worth of free TV advertising

A lot of people got their shorts in a bunch over various famous products falling to the woke, cancel culture chopping block… or so they thought. In reality, it’s not about race or gender at all. It’s about the money.

As we wrote on Tim Bolton’s famous pre-impeachment book about Donald Trump, it was able the money and the media. In the three weeks after he sent selected sections, with lines highlighted to the Big Media, before the impeachment, we calculated his book got over a $$$Billion Dollar$ of absolutely FREE, prime time media coverage. The book wasn’t even finished.

 What’s the best way to inject a boost of media into a sorry product?

Simple. Find a way to make the product comply with a woke concept, and then publicize that you’re about to give in to the woke, cancel culture. BOOM. Maple syrup, childrens’ books, and toys go flying off the shelf. BOOM, lots of FREE marketing during prime time TV.

We monitored the ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN news casts, and on one of the evenings the name “Dr. Seuss” was spoken, along with a graphic 34 times. Do you realize how much that would cost if you bought that air time? Radios are squaking it, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and all manner of social media are on fire! Amazon zooms Dr. Seuss to the top of the best seller lists, to replace Mr. Potato Head. This free exposure represents hundreds of millions of dollars of very free, very valuable marketing and brand exposure.

If you sell a nationwide product, and may not have the kind of budget the others do, just try this little trick. Use the drive-by media and Big Tech to work for you in stead of the other way around!


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