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Requiem for Snapz… thank you Firefox!


The old Snapz Pro

Do you remember Snapz Pro?  That wonderful screen utility for the Mac that would capture anything?  Well, it died with El Capitan and OS Sierra!  My favorite feature, screen section to clip board, is saved by Firefox!  Thank you Firefox!

Now, I can simply go up to the FireFox bar, pull-out the drop-down menu and select “Take a Screenshot”

Boom! Click and drag the selection rectangle, and select cut, copy, download or Save.  Boom. Screen done.  This is for an upcoming article on “Motivational Posters”.

Now, the only problem is, finding a good screen utility for use outside of Firefox.  One that selects and area and saves it to a .psd file or copies it to the clipboard for pasting into the graphics file. IF you can recommend one you like, please let me know!

…and thanks for reading!

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