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Creative Tidbits #236: Web design, web type, web circles, cigar packaging and more!


Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration Okay, we’ve been neglecting web design, so this time we’ll look at typography on the web, business web sites and even a little fun with circles. My favorite though is the piece on cigar packaging! I was inspired to look a little deeper and I uncovered a treasure trove of art from modern graphic to vintage antique! Something for everyone in this issue …

  • How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate with Typography
  • Designing a Small Business Website: Wants vs Needs
  • Did you ever really look at cigar design?
  • Molly McHugh : Circle Gets the Square

Did you ever really look at cigar design?

creative inspiration

Some really fine graphic arts take place in the Cigar industry, and with a growing popularity in cigars, the art competition is getting hot. Here’s and idea starter. And don’t forget the gallery shows, linked below
      La Palina is set to unveil its new Number Series at next week’s IPCPR trade show, a line of Honduran-made cigars whose flashy packaging and band artwork was inspired by Paul Rand, a modern master of graphic design.
Creative inspiration www.cigaraficionado.com
Creative Tidbits Cigar Packaging
GO Cigar rings / bands

How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate with Typography

creative inspiration

Holly Munson writes an informative and convincing story on how typography affects your site. It’s good stuff, but I’m warning you to take it with a spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt because it contradicts some of the rules from legacy typography. Who knows? We like Holly though and go read it . . . she writes :
      Typography — the design of letters and text — can make or break the effectiveness of your website. Here are five ways it affects how people respond to your brand, product, or message.
Creative inspiration Holly Munson writing for www.dreamhost.com
Creative Tidbits Fonts turn words into stories.

Designing a Small Business Website: Wants vs Needs

creative inspiration

Designing a quality small business website is not about making the thing pretty. We all basically know this. Karol K writes the following in blogs.adobe.com . . .
      When a client first thinks about building a website for their business, they, somewhat naturally, want for that website to “be all things to all people.” Or in other words, they want to make sure that the website covers the business and its offerings from top to bottom – that nothing is left out, that nothing is left unattended. But that’s perhaps not the best approach out there.
Creative inspiration blogs.adobe.com ~ Karol K
Creative Tidbits see more . . .

Molly McHugh : Circle Gets the Square

creative inspiration

When did the squares turn to circles? You noticed it — but circles always presented a problem on the web… but nobody seems to care. Now Moly writes about this change . . .
      Twitter threw us a curveball (sorry) and smoothed out the once-square avatar photos into orbs floating around the timeline. The change is notable, but the circle vs. square debate is far from new. There are arguments in favor of both when applied to internet design; circles indicate a person rather than content, which typically comes in a grid-like shape. So what is the current state of shapes on the social web?
Creative inspiration theringer.com
Creative Tidbits We love Molly, you will too!

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