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Quick! Change your passwords! Now!


Change your password now. Seriously. The cybercrime industry has become so sophisticated they can run as many as 40-million tests per second on your password!  This is bad.

Ecommerce changed it all

We always preached strong passwords once the web became transactional.  Up until that time, there wasn’t much use in protecting your online presence because you really didn’t have anything anyone wanted to steal. It was okay to use your cat’s name until your AOL account was stolen to send spam to all your followers. Yet, when eBay and PayPal opened, the stakes went through the ceiling!

I learned this lesson when my Mom’s password to eBay was breached.  She was an antique dealer and sold quite a lot of collectables.  Well, her password was “GoldyCat” which was her cat’s name.

I use the Strong Password Generator:

Use a Strong password generator

The security of your password largely depends on the guess-ability of your password and most passwords in use today are easy to guess.   The crooks can run 40-million comparisons per second

Go to Strongpasswordgenerator.com

Be safe.  And thanks for reading . . .



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