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The Problem of Calling Donald Trump an Idiot


who is an idiot?

Most of you already know I don’t usually take sides, and I’m not particularly a fan of Donald Trump. But seriously folks, when is enough, enough?  I’ve been blocking and deleting friends on Facebook because of their prolific, venomous, insidious hate in political posts — I don’t hardly have any friends left!

What is most shocking is that people will lie and spew slanderous garbage just for their own gratification with no thought of reality.   Of course Trump is not an idiot.  You don’t become a billionaire and the President of the United States by being an idiot. Or stupid. So each time someone says that, you know they’re either just lying or they’re stupid.

Everyone needs to read : “The Insidious Problem of Calling Donald Trump an Idiot”

Thomas Mitchelhill, Philosopher and Political Analyst for Noteworthy writes :

QUOTINGPeople on the internet are assholes. No really. If you’ve ever scrolled through a politically oriented twitter thread or a facebook post long enough you’ll come across some seriously impressive spectacles of offensive language. If people sat next to one another in a room I can guarantee there is absolutely no conceivable way that we would speak to one another the way we do online without punches being thrown.END QUOTEYou can bet he’s right.  Some of the things people say and call each other would NEVER happen in real life!   Mitchelhill continues …

QUOTINGIt’s dangerous because whenever we seek to de-humanise our “opposition” we instantly lose. It happens so consistently from liberals who view themselves as “rational” and “tolerant” when quite often they are the furthest thing from it. END QUOTE

The Insidious Problem of Calling Donald Trump an Idiot

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