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Does your internet browser seem to suddenly slow down with no apparent reason? At certain times of the day, does it take forever to bring up Google? After that web site, did your browser seem to get stuck or unresponsive? Does your computer seem jump forward then stall with long wait states, refusing to load pages? Do you think this slow, slow, slow internet is your ISP’s fault? You may be a victim of browser coin mining, and it could be that site you just visited or it could be your next door neighbor.

While you may not consider crypto-currency mining inside browsers malicious by itself, such mining is sometimes going on without the end user’s consent or even knowledge — that makes this practice shady and despicable.

How to remove CoinHive Miner Trojan

The Coinhive Miner is a JavaScript library that can be used by webmasters for cryptocurrency mining as an alternative source of revenue. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have started abusing this tool by embedding this JavaScript code into browser extensions or programs, thus using the infected PC’s for mining digital currency (Monero, Dashcoin, DarkNetCoin, and others) without user permission.

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