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The World Remembers John Prine


John Prine

As a musician who has played John Prine songs since the late 1960s you can imagine the sorrow of losing this life influencer!  From “Dear Abby” to “Common Sense” to “When I Get to Heaven,” John was truly an anchor for the soundtrack of so many lives!  Come together to celebrate his life . . .


How open source ad blockers could save you 2 hours a week


online ads costing you REAL money

If you’ve read any of my “Web Sites That Suck”  articles, you’ll know I’ve preached about the internet bleeding bandwidth, and what’s driving the never ending thirst for more speed!  Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of billions additional throughput has all but brought the internet to it’s knees. This article gives you some insight and tips for slicker sliding on the internet . . . (more…)

60 Seconds Exploring Design & Technology since 1988
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