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Creative Tidbits #239: gradients, politics, the constitution, the professor filmmaker and more!


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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration It’s always fun to learn about new resources and people in the graphic arts industry making strong statements, and moving forward. You can easily see, and understand, how politics are playing a real role in today’s Graphic Design community! Such is our collection in today’s edition : creative inspiration Make America Gradient Again creative inspiration 2017’s Most Powerful Protest Art Is Quickly Making Its Way Into Museums creative inspiration NYC Branding Agency Redesigns The US Constitution, and creative inspiration Outdated Graphic Design Manuals Turned A PSU Professor Into A Filmmaker! Have fun, and don’t forget to write!

Make America Gradient Again

creative inspiration

The use of gradients in design was perhaps most iconic in the 1980’s, but they’ve made a huge come back lately. Between last year’s Instagram logo redesign, the splash page for the exciting announcement of Dribbble’s Hang Time, and our own Dan Cederholm’s proclamation, it’s clear they’re not fading any time soon. Had to make a rebound of @Dan Cederholm’s fantastic slogan!
Creative inspiration Developed by John Korzhuk and Dan Cederholm
Creative Tidbits Watch this GIF tell the story!

2017’s most powerful protest art getting into museums

creative inspiration

I felt like, if you’re making a show about the past year–whether it’s about design or anything else–it really needs to take politics into account,

says Glenn Anderson.
      Anderson is arranging the exhibition so there’s an entire section focused on nonorthodox designers who’ve created powerful political work. That includes the refugee flag, designed by the artist Yara Said for the first team of athletes competing as refugees in the 2016 Olympics. Artist and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans’s series of anti-Brexit, pro-Remain posters made the list as well.
Creative inspiration by Katharine Schwab at fastcodesign.com
Creative Tidbits Another image from the article

NYC Branding Agency Redesigns The US Constitution

creative inspiration

Hoping to spark a conversation around American democracy, ThoughtMatter tried to make the document easier to read and access. The authors write :
      quote_begin Currently the political climate in the United States is defined by polarization. Politicians haphazardly cite amendments from the American constitution for partisan purposes which has subsequently resulted in a general lack of understanding of the founding documents. In response to this, NYC-based branding firm ThoughtMatter has redesigned the US Constitution in an effort to make it more easily digestible for everyone.quotation_close
Creative inspiration Jennifer Passas for PSFK LLC (www.psfk.com)
Creative Tidbits See: an animated GIF of the booklet flipping pages

Outdated Graphic Design Manuals Turned A PSU Professor Into A Filmmaker

creative inspiration

This is a fun read, and we could all benefit from this … Author Dana Alston writes :
      quote_begin Inspiration comes from strange places. Filmmaker Briar Levit found hers in a Goodwill. Until she started collecting decades-old graphic design production manuals while thrifting, making movies didn’t even enter her head. “I consider myself a graphic designer first,” says the assistant professor at Portland State. But the methods in those manuals were so outdated—and completely unknown to a younger generation—that she began to consider becoming a filmmaker as well. quotation_close

Creative inspiration Dana Alston writing for www.wweek.com

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